SENT Network provides adaptable training modules around our shared Gospel DNA We train so each leader plants and pastors in a more contextualized, fruitful, and sustainable way. Training leverages online and face to face adult learning with formats for both individuals and cohorts. Training modules we lead are clustered around: Centering on Jesus & the gospel, Reaching Unbelievers (contextually), Maturing Disciples, Multiplying Leaders (to stay) & Planters (to go), and Improving Health: Financial, Organizational, & Personal.

DNA Courses with Training Modules

1.     Centering on Jesus & the gospel
1.1  Gospel DNA
1.2  Helping people Trust & Treasure Jesus above all
1.3 Increasing Gospel Fluency
1.4 Prayer & Spirit-empowered Focus on Jesus

2.     Reaching Unbelievers (contextually)
2.1 Contextualizing the Gospel for People in a Target Area
2.2 Helping Your People Reach Others Personally and through Teamwork

3.     Maturing Disciples (more like Jesus)
3.1 Baptizing and Rooting Members in Gospel Essentials
3.2 Forming Disciples “A Few” at a Time
3.3 Helping People Serve with Love and Teamwork (out & in)
3.4 Expository Preaching that is Gospel-Centered & Worship Gatherings

4.     Multiplying Leaders (to stay) & Planters (to go)
4.1Developing & Multiplying Leaders (to stay)
4.2Developing & Multiplying Elders (to stay)
4.2 Developing & Multiplying Pastors & Staff (to stay)
4.3 Developing & Multiplying Planters (to go) with SENT

5.     Improving Health: Financial, Organizational, & Personal
5.1 Raising Funds to Prepare to Plant
5.2 Fostering a Generous Church
5.3 Building Organizational Health
5.4 Growing in Personal Health