• Website: Learn About SENT by reading over our website and our various documents. Watch SENT Video.

  • Dialogue: Dialogue with a Leadership Team member of SENT Network by Contacting Us. We will get back to you promptly to answer questions you may have about partnering to plant a church.




  • Church Planter Questionnaire: Complete the Church Planter Questionnaire so we can get to know more about your story, ministry experiences, and beliefs. After we receive your questionnaire, someone from our Assessment Team will follow up with you to dialogue over the phone, answer questions, and to discuss next steps.

  • Face-to-Face Assessment (1 day): Complete our face-to-face assessment (with spouse, if married) and we will provide you with a verbal and written assessment report. This helps confirm whether it's a fit to plant with SENT or not.

  • Customized Prep Plan: We provide you with our recommended Customized Preparation Plan along with your assessment report. We then dialogue with you to see if this Plan resonates with you. We also discuss coaching, the estimated time we think it will take to prepare, as well as where you desire to prepare (e.g. your current location or with a SENT Network church).

      (FAQ: When does a partnership start with SENT? Before moving to Step 3, an aspiring planter & SENT decide to partner or not.)




  • Fundraising Training (half-day): Complete SENT’s Fundraising Training to prepare to build a team of giving partners to help provide funding for your budget comprised of compensation and your church planting ministry expenses.

  • Budget Pledged: Build your team of giving partners to raise pledges to meet your budget so you are on solid financial footing.



  • Custom Prep Plan Completed: Complete the action items on your Customized Preparation Plan with the help of a coach, a local church, and SENT’s leadership and resources.

  • Be Endorsed: Be endorsed to plant by your coach, local church, and our SENT Leadership Team.

  • Planting Grant: Apply for a multi-year Lead Planter Grant to help with your ongoing support as a missionary church planter.

(FAQ: How long does it take to Prepare to Plant? Some prepare in just a month or two. Others need a more extended preparation period involving course work or one-year residency. Customized Prep Plans really are personalized for each individual planter)




  • Public Commissioning: Be publically commissioned to plant by a local church and our Sent Network Leadership Team.

  • "Birthing" Phase: Recruit intercessors and a planting core group to lead into the "Birthing" Phase.




  • Collectives: Connect in Collectives with other lead planters in your region monthly.

  • Coaching: Connect with your coach regularly for help to reach your goals during each phase of planting and multiplying your church. Let God use your coach and others to sharpen you to implement your DNA even more fruitfully in your context.

  • Help Plant More Churches: Connect regionally to partner with SENT to help plant more gospel-centered churches so God's kingdom spreads in neighborhoods, subcultures, and cities.