SENT Network partners with seminaries to help church planters | pastors who need further theological development. Many approaching SENT already have attended seminary, but others haven’t. Here are good options toward an accredited Master of Arts degree, and other non-degree graduate level seminary options available for free.

Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) with Capital Seminary & Graduate School | Lancaster Bible College
Complete a MAM degree while doing your Customized Prep Plan with SENT in a local church residency. Capital’s MAM in Church Planting is ideal for church planters, and the MAM in Pastoral Studies or MAM in Leadership Studies are other excellent options for local church pastors and leaders. Six credits can be earned for practical work done in a local church with SENT. Earn and additional 12 advanced standing credit hours toward these MAM degree’s biblical / theological courses through select Zondervan Academic Online Courses. Ask SENT about how to best maximize these various options to develop your competencies, save on tuition, and complete your degree in a timely manner (18 months or less).

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) with RTS
Complete your Customized Prep Plan during a residency in a local church with SENT and pursue the MABS with Reformed Theological Studies (RTS). Consider the MASB Global or MASB DC options. Refer to RTS for their courses requirements.

Non-Degree Seminary Level Options (Free or Inexpensive)
Complete your Customized Prep Plan with SENT while leveraging free or inexpensive online seminary courses through Third Millennium Ministries or Biblical Training. These non-degree seminary courses help prepare one to be ordained / endorsed as a Planter or Pastor.

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