SENT Network partners with seminaries to help church planters | pastors who need further theological development. Many approaching SENT already have attended seminary, but others haven’t. We partner with seminaries to help planters and pastors who desire to earn an accredited degree. Credits towards a graduate degree may be earned through work done with SENT.  One’s tuition may also be reduced through our partnerships with these seminaries. These seminary courses can also be taken by the emerging staff that a lead planting pastor is raising up for his church’s pastoral staff team. Other non-degree graduate level seminary options are also available for free with guidance from us.

MA in Ministry with CS&GS
We encourage aspiring planters and pastors to consider an MA in Ministry with Capital Seminary & Graduate School. Credits may be granted for work done with SENT on a case by case basis. Ask us regarding this option as you consider the various MA in Ministry options.

Earn up to thirteen credit hours toward your MA with practical work done with SENT Network and our local churches. This MA can be completed in about two years for a reduced cost when partnering with SENT. Aspiring planters or pastors must first be accepted into this track by SENT. This requires completing our assessment and having an approved coach in one of our participating churches. We are currently partnering with Reformed Theological Seminary - DC or Global. Refer to RTS for their courses. See below for and overview of courses and potential advanced placement credits to be earned with SENT.
-MA in Biblical Studies - RTS DC with SENT Credits
-MA in Biblical Studies - RTS Global

SENT helps aspiring planters and pastors develop by leveraging free online seminary courses primarily through Third Millennium Ministries. SENT provides guided cohorts to discuss assignments in a Leadership Training HUB. Participants in our HUB must have a designated coach in one of our Network's participating churches. A coach helps a HUB participant with their character development and practical work through on-the-job training in a church. Work with a local church coach compliments what is learned through seminary courses. This one year non-degree track helps prepare one to be ordained / endorsed as a Planter or Pastor.

HUB Overview & Tools
-HUB Overview - Fall, Winter, Spring Terms
-Personal Development Plan (PDP)
-Biblical Book Outline Worksheet; Key Biblical Book Outlines
-Exegetical Worksheet
-Systematic Theology, W. Grudem; Theological Terms Summary, W. Grudem
-Master Plan of Evangelism, R. Coleman
-Center Church, T. Keller
-ESV Study Bible
-SENT Exam

-Fall Term - Weekly Assignments & Cohorts [being edited]

-Winter Term - Weekly Assignments & Cohorts [being edited]

-Spring Term - Weekly Assignments & Cohorts