SENT equips church planters before they plant. We partner with gospel-centered local churches and their leadership to accomplish this. Why? We are competency based in our equipping. That means we want to see proven character and competencies demonstrated in actual practice before we endorse an aspiring planter. We believe this equipping is best done “on-the-job” under a local church’s leadership, before one attempts to lead a church plant himself.

SENT doesn’t clone plants or planters, but we do intentionally provide equipping around our shared Gospel DNA through residencies and training with personalized coaching. We also provide regional Collectives for ongoing encouragement, teaching, and prayer with other lead planters and pastors in our regional. For those who need seminary training, we partner with like-minded seminaries. Here are more specifics on some of these ways we equip planters before they plant.


SENT equips church planters and pastors in partnership with local churches using residencies. We believe that experiential learning through “show how” apprenticing is the best way to imbed important practices and skills into aspiring church planters they will need to plant fruitfully. Residencies provide a times for both observing and practicing “on-the-job.” We leverage two types of residencies:
1) Brief Residencies
2) Extended Residencies.


SENT Network provides adaptable training modules around our shared Gospel DNA. We train so each leader plants and pastors in a more contextualized, fruitful, and sustainable way. Training leverages online and face to face adult learning with formats for both individuals and cohorts. Training modules we lead are clustered around: Centering on Jesus & the gospel, Reaching Unbelievers (contextually), Maturing Disciples, Multiplying Leaders (to stay) & Planters (to go), and Improving Health: Financial, Organizational, & Personal.


SENT Network partners with seminaries to help church planters | pastors who need further theological development. Many approaching SENT already have attended seminary, but others haven’t. We partner with seminaries to help planters and pastors who desire to earn an accredited degree. Credits towards a graduate degree may be earned through work done with SENT.  One’s tuition may also be reduced through our partnerships with these seminaries. These seminary courses can also be taken by the emerging staff that a lead planting pastor is raising up for his church’s pastoral staff team. Other non-degree graduate level seminary options are also available for free with guidance from us.