SENT equips church planters and pastors in partnership with local churches using residencies. We believe that experiential learning through “show how” apprenticing is the best way for leaders to imbed important practices and skills into aspiring church planters so they will plant fruitfully. Residencies provide a times for both "shadowing" and practicing on-the-job. We leverage two types of residencies: 1) Brief Residencies and 2) Extended Residencies.

Brief Residencies – Brief Residencies are designed for those who are unable to move their family to do a more extended residency prior to planting. These brief residencies provide a way for those aspiring to plant to learn from veteran pastors and church planters in a local church environment without moving permanently. Planters spend three-day intensives in a strategic equipping church a few times as they prepare to plant. These Brief Residencies are normally offered to those who already have proven ministry experience, but need additional equipping to plant fruitfully through these intensive times with seasoned pastors and planters.

Extended Residencies – Extended Residencies are designed for those who will be on location with a local church where they will be coached and work out their Customized Preparation Plan over a more extended time where they live and minister. This is a great way for an aspiring planter to further develop his needed lead planter competencies. He will develop through hands-on disciple making and leading, with feedback from mentors and interaction with a coach.

Coaching – Every lead planting pastor with SENT Network has a coach he connects with regularly during his residency. A coach empowers a planter by asking good questions to enable the planter to find solutions himself. A coach may also offer advice at times, or recommend others who can advise, mentor, or train a planter in a specific area he needs help in. Each planter has a private coaching channel with SENT where he prepares for coaching sessions, shares documents, and tracks progress on important goals he has.