Planting a church in partnership with SENT Network does not mean cloning a certain model. We celebrate various church forms and creative use of language that adapts to each cultural context the planter and their team is reaching with the gospel. Though existing in a variety of expressions, SENT planters and churches do share core commitments that comprise our collective ethos. These shared core commitments are summarized below in the following documents: Mission, Gospel DNA, The Gospel We Believe, Confession of Faith, and Positions.

Sharing a mission, Gospel DNA, and beliefs is a great foundation for planting partnerships. However, we've learned there is more. Good partnerships provide a two-way benefit with clear expectations. SENT Network defines expectations for our three primary partnerships with leaders and churches. These partnerships are with: 1) Lead Planters; 2) Sending Churches; 3) Participating Churches. 

Mission | Gospel DNA – Customized equipping of leaders for contextualized planting of churches is our mission. We don't clone a particular model of church. However, we do value each church practicing our shared Gospel DNA in a way that fits their context. See SENT's Mission and Gospel DNA documents.


The Gospel We Believe | Confession of Faith | Positions –  We affirm the biblical gospel and sound doctrine shared with the historic and global church. These are described in SENT Network's The Gospel We Believe and Confession of Faith documents. SENT's leadership majors on the gospel and our Confession. We seek to foster unity in our Network among individual churches that may nuance their positions a bit differently from each another while still pursuing our shared church planting mission. These positions can be viewed in our Positions doc.

Remember, planters and churches in our Network may adapt their language and forms to fit their unique vision and cultural context and still align with SENT Network’s key documents.