We provide these resources to help leaders fruitfully plant and multiply churches with our shared Gospel DNA. Resources are organized under each aspect of the DNA. We provide some resources to deepen understanding and motivate with the gospel of grace. Other resources are very practical tools that can be adapted for use by leaders and their churches in various planting contexts. Click here on the table of contents or simply scroll down the page to find just the right resource you need.

Centering on Jesus & The Gospel    
            Reaching Unbelievers     |    Maturing Disciples  |     Multiplying Leaders (to stay) & Planters (to go)
Cultivating Health: Financial, Organization, & Personal

Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: Supremacy of Christ, A. Fernando; The Centrality of the Gospel, T. Keller; The Expulsive Power of a New Affection, T. Chalmers;
  Talks: The Bible as a Single Story, T. Keller; What is the Gospel?, D.A. Carson; We Believe in Jesus - #1 & 2, Third Mill
  Books: Rejoicing in Christ, M. Reeves; The Explicit Gospel, M. Chandler; The Gospel as Center, ed. D.A. Carson & T. Keller; Gospel, J.D. Greear;
Tools to Use...
  - Idolatry and Identity Guide, SENT Network
  - Probing idols-20 Statements-T. Keller
  - Identity in Christ Guide
  - Gospel-Centered Life, R. Thume and W. Walker

Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: The Centrality of the Gospel, T. Keller; The Gospel We Believe, SENT; The Story-line of the Bible, (Re)New(ed) Creation, Bartholomew & Goheen
  Talks: Gospel Fluency summary, J. Vanderstelt; Gospel Fluency - 5 talks, J. Vanderstelt; Redeemer City to City courses online, T. Keller and others;
  Gospel Coalition Resources
  Books: Gospel Fluency, J. Vanderstelt; Why Jesus Came to Die (free ebook), J. Piper; The Cross of Christ, J. Stott; The King Jesus Gospel, S. McKnight;
  The Gospel of the Kingdom, E. Ladd; Issues Facing Christians Today, J. Stott; Ethics for a Brave New World, J. & P. Feinberg; Culture Making, A.
  Crouch; Systematic Theology, W. Grudem; Drama of Scripture, Bartholomew & Goheen; Exploring the Story, A. Barr; Christian History Made Easy, T.P. Jones;
  Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics, G. Goldsworthy
Tools to Use...
  - Gospel Fluency Guide, SENT Network
  - Gospel Fluency Tool, J. Vanderstelt

 Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: Kingdom-Centered Prayer, T. Keller; Empowered by the Holy Spirit, J. Vanderstelt / Verge; Why I am a Continuationist, S. Storms,
  Prayer in Evangelism, Lausanne OP 42
  Talks: A Prayer that Brought the Holy Spirit Down, J. Piper; Prayer, The Holy Spirit and Boldness, Platt and Chan; 
   Our Deepest Prayer-Hallowed Be Your Name, J. Piper; Prayer Meditation Fasting (5 talks), J. Piper
   Books: Praying Together, M. Hill; Praying with Paul, D.A. Carson; Jesus Continued...Why the Spirit Inside You is Better than Jesus Beside You, J.D. Greear;
   A Praying Life, P. Miller; Prayer, T. Keller; Daring to Draw Near, J. White; Are Miraculous Gifts for Today (4 Views), W. Grudem
Tools to Use...
  - Kingdom-Centered Prayer - Study Guide, SENT Network
  - Pray individually & with others through Model Prayers [N.T.]
  - Pray individually & with others through Prayer-Life (Ch. 4), W. Bevins
  - Pray using Handbook to Prayer, K Boa

Tools for Understanding... 
  Articles: Missional Community-MadeSimple, Verge; Missional Community Tools, T. Engstrom; New Urban Christians, T. Keller; Evangelism Papers, Lausanne
  Talks: Belonging to a Missional Church, T. Keller
  Books: The Master Plan of Evangelism, R. Coleman; Saturate, J. Vanderstelt; Simple Church, T. Rainer & E. Geiger; Gospel Disciple (free e-book) D. Putnam;
  On the Block, D. Logan; Center Church, T. Keller; Missional Church, D. Guder; Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, J.I. Packer; Evangelism, Mack Stiles;
  The Soul Winner (free e- book), C.H. Spurgeon; Let the Nations Be Glad, J. Piper;
  Work as ministry...Articles: Business as Mission, Lausanne; Books: Every Good Endeavor, T. Keller
  The poor...Articles: The Gospel & the Poor, T. Keller; Books: T. Keller; Generous Justice, T. Keller; When Helping Hurts, S. Corbett & B. Fikkert
Tools to Use...
  - 3 Story Evangelism - Share MY StoryHear THEIR StoryTell GOD's Story; For more resources on telling the Gospel as Story
  - Bridge to Life, NAVs (written) or Bridge to Life (verbally given)
  - Redemptive-Relationships-worksheet
  - Share the Gospel Workbook, BACC
  - Encounters With Jesus, Prodigal God, or Reason For God, T. Keller...Hand out & discuss with unbelieving friends
  - As a missional group, grasp it...dream it...launch it with Sow-Reap-CultivateMission Dream worksheetMission Launch steps
  - Group Studies for Seekers or Skeptics
  - Reasons ...website with help for those grappling with science and faith questions
  - Training Workshop on Fishing for People (Video), S. Addison's Following & Fishing Resources
  - Learn your planting context...Exegete Your Planting Area Tool, sample-downtown Annapolis; U.S. Census Bureau 
  and Ethnographic Study of Planting Location, Percept Group

Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: Preaching in a Secular Culture, T. Keller; The Gospel in All Its Forms, T. Keller; Evangelistic Worship, T. Keller;
  Preaching to the Unconvinced, V. Antonucci
  Books: The Universe Next Door, J. Sire; Hollywood Worldviews, B. Godawa; The Christians Attitude Toward World Religions, A. Fernando
Tools to Use...
  - Preaching Worksheet, SENT Network
  (Note: See more Expository Preaching Resources under "MATURING DISCIPLES" below)


Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: Church Membership-Several Articles, IX Marks Journal; Church Discipline Primer, J. Leeman; Church Discipline and Legal Protection, K. Sande
  Books: I Am a Church Member, T. Rainer; Church Membership, J. Leeman; Church Discipline, J. Leeman
Tools to Use...
  - Rooted-Gospel Essentials, SENT; Clarifying Your Commitment, P. Dowse
  - Rooted: The Apostles' Creed, Cannata & Reitano; I Believe: Exploring the Apostles' Creed, A. McGrath; Affirming the Apostles' Creed, J.I. Packer
  - Water Baptism, SENT Network...Believer baptism guide for local church use; For paedobaptist parents...Infant Baptism, J. Sartelle
  - Why Church Membership?; Template...Membership Covenant; Samples...TW Members Covenant
  - New City Catechism and New City Catechism App, TGC & RPC

Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: Making Disciples Jesus' Way, G. Ogden; Are You a Christian or a Disciple?, T. Tarrants;  Missional Community Tools, T. Engstrom (disciple formation
  within Missional Communities)
  Books: The Cost of Discipleship, D. Bonhoeffer; The Master Plan of Evangelism, R. Coleman; Gospel-Centered Discipleship, J. Dodson;
  The Great Omission, D. Willard; Transforming Discipleship, G. Ogden; Holiness By Grace, B. Chapell; Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, D. Whitney;
  Cultivating a Life for God, N. Cole; The Training of the Twelve, A.B. Bruce
Tools to Use...
  - Disciple Formation Questions (template), SENT; Disciple Formation Questions (sample), SENT
  - The S.O.A.P. method to develop "self-feeding" disciples, W. Cordeiro; Sample of S.O.A.P. in a journal, SENT
  - SHOW HOW Multiplying (planning template with explanation), SENT
 Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: Developing Great Ministry Teams, R. Warren; Five Dysfunctions of a Team, P. Lencioni (improving teamwork);
  Missional Community Tools, T. Engstrom...serving in Missional Communities
  Talks: Five Dysfunctions of a Team, P. Lencioni
  Books: Doing Church as a Team, W. Cordeiro The Mark of the Christian, F. Schaeffer; Reclaiming Love, A. Fernando; Showing the Spirit, D.A. Carson;
  Five Dysfunctions of a Team, P. Lencioni; Peacemaker, K. Sande
Tools to Use...
  - Grace Based Recruiting, SENT...recruiting another to serve
  - SHOW HOW Multiplying, SENT (planning template & explaination)
  - Table Group...improving teamwork
  - Peacemaking Principles Pamphlet, K. Sande...preserving team unity/resolving conflict

 Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: Reasons for Expository Preaching, D.A. Carson; Worship Together; Insights for worship leaders...Worship Leader, Verge
  Talks: Expository Preaching, TGC Panel (11 min.); Preaching (4 excellent lectures), T. Keller; Christ-centered Preaching (3 lectures), B. Chapell
  Books: Biblical Preaching, H. Robinson; Preaching, T. Keller; Communicating for a Change, A. Stanley; Christ-Centered Worship, B. Chapell;
  Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon, B. Chapell; The Air I Breath, L. Giglio; Worship Matters, B. Kauflin;
  Recalling the Hope of Glory, A. Ross
Tools to Use...
  - Preaching Worksheet, SENT Network
  - Biblical Book Outline Worksheet and Exegetical Worksheet, SENT Network
  - Lord's Supper guide, SENT Network

Tools for Understanding... 
  Topics: Find, design, or promote local seminars or conferences on...marriage, parenting, faith and work, money & stewardship, others...
Tools to Use...
  - Example...Weekend to Remember (Strengthening Marriages) 

Multiplying leaders is biblical and a key indicator for a church plant's survivability and reproducibility. We champion on-the-job apprenticing to develop all kinds of leaders and planters described below. Your may give inspiring talks and offer courses, but do not count on these to reproduce leaders. Major on apprenticing leaders and planters in real ministry situations. Let them shadow you. Insist that leaders and planters in training with you actually demonstrate their Hands, Heart, & Head competencies while actively apprenticing through the local church and in missional contexts.
Tools for Understanding... 
  Articles: Teamwork Then and Now, SENT...The need for teamwork for local church elders (to stay) and pioneering church planting teams (to go)
  Articles: Fresh Perspective on Paul's Missionary Strategy, N. Cole
  Articles: A Call to Develop Christ-like Leaders, Lausanne OP #41...Need to develop leaders holistically (e.g. Head, Heart, Hands / HHH)
  Articles: Effective Theological Ed. for World Evangelization, Lausanne OP #57...Need action oriented, relational approach to Theological Ed.
  Books: Designed to Lead, Geiger and Peck; Gaining By Losing, J.D. Greear; Exponential, D. & J. Ferguson; The Master Plan of Evangelism, R. Coleman;
  The Training of the Twelve, A.B. Bruce; SPONTANEOUS-EXPANSION-OF-THE-CHURCH, R. Allen; The Forgotten Ways, A. Hirsch;
  Movements That Change the World (book), S. Addison and his Movement resources; Church Planting, Murray;
  Apostolic Leaders from Loving the Church Blessing the Nations Ch 9-13, G. Miley
Tools to Use...
  - SHOW HOW Multiplying (template & explanation), SENT

Tools for Understanding...
  Books: Master Plan of Evangelism, R. Coleman; Spiritual Leadership, J.O. Sanders; Spiritual Leadership, H. & R. Blackaby; Deacons, IX Marks
  Listen: Five Levels of Leadership (talk), J. Maxwell
Tools to Use...
  - Profile of a Leader-HHH (fillable template); Profile of a Leader-HHH (recommended); Developing Leaders Plan (fillable template)
  - SHOW HOW Multiplying (template & explanation), SENT
  - Fruit & Character of Leader Test

Tools for Understanding... 
  Articles: Biblical-Eldership, A. Strauch; Elders & Leaders FIELD GUIDE (Volumes 1 & 2), CCBT..Select from 24 Issues on Elders and Leaders or get them all; 
  Gender and role of elders see...Gender and Elders, T. & K. Keller; Elders and gender: authorityovermen1Tim2; cruxofthemattersyntactical1tim2_12
  Listen: Biblical Eldership (4 talks), J. Piper
  Books: Elders and Leaders, G. Getz; Leading From the Second Chair, M. Bonem & R. Patterson; The Pastor's Justification, J. Wilson
Tools to Use...
  - Elder Functions & Traits | Fillable; Elder Functions & Traits | Answered, SENT
  - Elder Profile HHH | Fillable, SENT
- Developing Elders Plan, SENT
  - Fruit & Character of Leader Test
  - Elder Nomination Packet
  - Preparing for elder exam-short version;
  - SHOW HOW Multiplying (template & explanation), SENT

Tools for Understanding... 
  Articles: Why_Plant_Churches?, T. Keller; The State of Church Planting in the U.S., E. Stetzer; Fresh Perspective on Paul's Missionary Strategy, N. Cole;
  Gospel Disciple (free e-book) D. Putnam
  Talks: Why Plant Churches?, T. Keller
  Books: Master Plan of Evangelism, R. Coleman; Gaining By Losing, J.D. Greear;  Exponential, D. & J. Ferguson; Church Planting, Murray;
  Let the Nations Be Glad, J.  Piper; A Vision of the Possible, D. Sinclair
Tools to Use....
SHOW HOW Multiplying (template & explanation), SENT
  - Profile of a Lead Planter - Head, Heart, Hands, SENT Network
  - Use SENT's process at... "Plant With Us" - Starting the Process

(Initial Fundraising to Plant a Church)
Tools for Understanding and to Use...
  - All tools...Initial Fundraising to Plant a Church
(Helping a Church Plant become Generous & Self-Supporting)
Tools for Understanding...  
  Training Course: Growing a Generous Church, SENT
  Books: Contagious Generosity, C. Willard & J. Sheppard; The Treasure Principle, Randy Alcorn
Tools to Use...
  - Treasure Principle for Pastors to Use (free), R. Alcorn...useful handouts, talks, articles, and his book (free)
  - Financials Executive Summary (template)...budget tracking at a glance


Tools for Understanding..
  Talks: God Dreams video overview, W. Mancini; Organizational Health Model - 4 Disciplines, P. Lencioni; Building Cohesive Leadership Teams, P. Lencioni;
Creating Clarity - Key Questions, P. Lencioni; Over-Communicating Clarity, P. Lencioni
  Articles: God Dreams Visual Summary, W. Mancini; Organizational Health Model Overview, P. Lencioni
  Books: God Dreams, W. Mancini; Making Vision Stick, A. Stanley; The Advantage, P. Lencioni; The 4 Disciplines of Execution, C. McChesney,
  S. Covey, J. Huling; Just Start, L. Schlesinger & C. Kiefer; Creative Confidence, T. & D. Kelley; The Lean Startup, E. Ries
Tools to Use....
Playbook (Template) …Creating Clarity with Key Questions
- God Dreams Vision Planner, PDF (Storyline 1, 4, 1, 4 Template)
- God Dream Vision Planner (full Vision Frame and Picture of 1, 4, 1, 4 Template)
  Organizational health tools ...improving your church's organizational health
- God Dreams templates and tools
- God Dreams Prayer Guide
  Vision Casting Prep Worksheet 
(Cohesive Leadership)
Tools for Understanding... 
  Talks: Building Cohesive Leadership Teams (2 min), P. Lencioni; Five Dysfunctions of a Team (36 min), P. Lencioni
  Books: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, P. Lencioni; Doing Church as a Team, W. Cordeiro; Elders and Leaders, G. Getz; Sticky Teams, L. Osborne
 Tools to Use...
   - Table Group...improving your team
(Good Systems)
Tools for Understanding...
  Articles: Systems (outline), A. Stanley; Leadership and Church Size Dynamics, T. Keller; 3 Signs of Miserable Job (summary), P. Lencioni
  Talks: Redemptive Systems & Structures (2 min.), Verge; Systems, A. Stanley
  Books: Three Signs of a Miserable Job, P. Lencioni
Tools to Use...
  - Anti-Misery Job worksheet, Table Group
(Network Participation: Connect Regionally & Partner to Plant)
Tools for Understanding... 
  Articles: Why Plant Churches?, T. Keller; The State of Church Planting in the U.S., E. Stetzer
Tools to Use...
  - SENT Network: www.sentnetwork.org;

Tools for Understanding... 
(Joy & Gospel Delight)
  Articles: The Expulsive Power of a New Affection, T. Chalmers; The Centrality of the Gospel, T. Keller;
  Talks: Desiring God (5 talks), J. Piper; Prayer, Meditation, Fasting for Communion with God (5 talks), J. Piper
  Books: When I Don't Desire God, J. Piper; The Pastor's Justification, J. Wilson; The Power of Praising God, C.H. Spurgeon;
  Delighting in the Trinity and Rejoicing in Christ and Enjoy Your Prayer Life, M. Reeves; Doubt, O. Guinness; Counterfeit Gods, T. Keller
(Character & Resiliency) 
  Articles: Character, T. Keller
  Books: Integrity, H. Cloud; Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving & Thriving, B. Burns, T. Chapman, D. Guthrie;
  Specific areas:
  Personal Finances...Managing God's Money & The Treasure Principle, R. Alcorn; Personal budgeting apps...Everydollar & Everydollar Budgeting Guide; or Mint
  Sexual Purity...The Purity Principle, R. Alcorn; Addictions: Banquet in the Grave (book & study guide), E. Welch;
  Work & Rest Rhythms...Work and Rest (talks), T. Keller; Every Good Endeavor, T. Keller; Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human, J.M. Comer
  Marriage & Family...Meaning of Marriage, T. Keller; Gospel-Centred Marriage, and Gospel-Centered Families, T. Chester; What Did You Expect, P. Tripp
  Resolving Conflicts...Peacemaking Principles Pamphlet and Peacemaker Slippery Slope + 4 Gs, K. Sande
Tools to Use...
  - Personal Development Plan-PDP
  - Heart Motivation... Probing idols-20 Statements-T. KellerGospel Identity studyAll of Life is Repentance, T. Keller
  - Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health, D. Whitney; Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health...the questions
  - Fruit & Character of Leader Test
  - Appendix B-E, Resilient Ministry, B. Burns, T. Chapman, D. Guthrie
  - SENT's Pastoral Counselor: Jeff Rickett at Heart Song Counseling -