Training Course: SENT'S Fundraising Training Course
  Books: Funding Your Ministry, S. Morton; The Generosity Network, J. McCrea & J. Walker
  Talks: Funding Your Plant, Exponential 2012
  Articles: Support Raising, S. Shadrach; The Spirituality of Fundraising, H. Nouwen; What Donors Are Looking For, B. Enright
Tools to Use...
  - Vision Booklet-Template & Vision Booklet-Fillable Template for DraftsGiving Insert-Template & Giving Insert-Fillable Template for Drafts;
    Samples: Four Corners Vision Booklet; Sample: Giving Insert; Sample: Arlington Vision Booklet
  - Vision Casting Prep Worksheet; Planting Location Information...U.S. Census Bureau and Ethnographic Study of Planting Location, Percept Group
  - Giving Partner Organizer (template)
  - Fundraising Update (template)
  - Budget Items to Consider; Sample...DH Initial Budget Example