Every lead planting pastor with SENT Network has a coach he connects with regularly. A coach empowers a planter by asking good questions to enable the planter to find solutions himself. A coach may also offer advice at times, or recommend others who can advise, mentor, or train a planter in a specific area he needs help in. Each planter has a private coaching channel with SENT where he prepares for coaching sessions, shares documents, and tracks progress on important goals he has.

  Articles: Mentors and Coaches, K. Webb; How to Get the Most Out of Coaching, B. Logan
  Books: Coaching in Ministry, K. Webb; The Coach Model For Christian Leaders, K. Webb
  Talks: The COACH Model, K. Webb
  Courses: Creative Results Management Coach Courses, K. Webb
Tools to Use:
- SENT Coach Orientation & Training (Main tool for coaching with SENT)
- SENT Coaching Guidelines
- Guidance to Use Coaching | Tracking Tool
Our Collectives are regional gatherings of church planters and pastors with SENT Network. We connect monthly to facilitate celebration, encouragement, prayer, training, and relationships in a peer group with other church planters and pastors who are at various phases of planting or pastoring a local church.