Every lead planting pastor with SENT Network has a coach he connects with regularly. A coach empowers a planter by asking good questions to enable the planter to find solutions himself. A coach may also offer advice at times, or recommend others who can advise, mentor, or train a planter in a specific area he needs help in. Each planter has a private coaching channel with SENT where he prepares for coaching sessions, shares documents, and tracks progress on important goals he has.

  Articles: Mentors and Coaches, K. Webb; How to Get the Most Out of Coaching, B. Logan
  Books: Coaching in Ministry, K. Webb; The Coach Model For Christian Leaders, K. Webb
  Talks: The COACH Model, K. Webb
  Courses: Creative Results Management Coach Courses, K. Webb
Tools to Use:
  - Coaching Questions (a template that can be edited is uploaded to each planter)

Our Collectives are regional gatherings of church planters and pastors with SENT Network. We connect monthly to facilitate celebration, encouragement, prayer, training, and relationships in a peer group with other church planters and pastors who are at various phases of planting or pastoring a local church.